Holidays in Term Time

In order to comply with Department for Education legislation and guidance, we are unable to authorise holidays in term time except in exceptional circumstances. We have a statutory duty to inform the LEA of all pupil absences, both authorised and unauthorised. In the event of unauthorised absences, for any reason, the LEA may impose a fine or even seek to prosecute for failure to ensure regular attendance without good reason.  If you wish to apply for a leave of absence during term time, please ask for a form at the school office. The Headteacher will then apply the criteria provided by the DfE in order to determine whether the reason for the requested absence is deemed to be exceptional circumstances and notify you in writing of the decision. The school have a duty to consistently apply this criteria. If you require any further information or advice on whether your request meets the criteria, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Kilmister who will be only be too happy to talk to you about the process and the likelihood of your request being approved.

School attendance is not compulsory until the first day of term after your child turns 5. If you intend to take your child out of school before this date, please do not complete a holiday request form in order to avoid receiving an outcome letter that does not apply due to the to the age of your child. However, please notify the school office of the dates that your child will not be at school so that we can follow our absence procedure which is in place to ensure the safety of your child. Please note though that St Bart’s is a heavily oversubscribed school with a long waiting list for places. If your child is absent from school for more than 20 days without authorisation, their place at school will be at risk and they may be removed from the school roll. If this place is subsequently taken by a pupil on the waiting list then it may be necessary for you to find an alternative school place for your child.

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