School Updates

  • Mrs Benbow

Hello everyone!

I hope you are ok and you are keeping very safe in your homes and the local environment. This week I would like you to go on a hunt and look for all the different rainbows that people have made. You will need to look high and low because I have seen many rainbows in all different places. Make a tally chart or count how many you can see.

Keep on smiling everyone!

We miss you so much.

Mrs Benbow, Miss Morris, Mrs Parsonage, Mrs Hipgrave, Mrs Jones and Mr Leigh.


I hope you are all doing ok and keeping yourselves happy, healthy and most importantly, entertained! It has been very strange not seeing you all this past week, but rest assured I have not forgotten any of you! I cannot wait to see you all again, whether it will be in a few weeks or months and I am excited to hear about what you have been up to in your time away from school. I shall post another message to you all on here in a little while but in the meantime stay safe and make sure you are being helpful little angels for the grown ups at home! Take care, Miss Robbins :) x


Hello you wonderful lot,

We just wanted to say an enormous hello to you all. This week the weather has been magnificent which has helped us to give our gardens some TLC. We hope you have been outside enjoying the sunshine too. We know how mature and sensible you all are and we hope you are using those wonderful qualities to help out at home too. If you would like to share any work or projects you have done with us, definitely email them to us as we would love to see what you have been up to; however, please don't feel under any pressure to do lots. Do as much as you feel comfortable doing. We would also really enjoy seeing you master a new skill- go and challenge yourself!

We know that it can be strange not seeing eachother regularly but we are surrounded by technology which helps us to still see one another; try to make contact with eachother regularly this way instead.

We really look forward to seeing you all as soon as possible.

Take care

Mrs Cattell, Mr Dixon, Miss Hayles and Mrs Banks


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