Our Staff

Meeting with Staff


We continue to operate an 'Open Door' Policy across school. Our aim is to continue to build upon the working partnership between home and school.  During the year, parents/carers will be invited for regular consultation meetings with staff.  There will always be a member of staff, including Mrs Kilmister, (Headteacher) available to discuss anything concerning your child.  In order for class teachers to give you their full attention, please aim to see them before 8:50am or after school wherever possible.​

Meet the Staff 2021 - 2022

Leadership Team

Mrs L Benbow

Miss N Beasley

Miss E Birch

Miss E Robbins

Mrs L Benbow


CEO: Mrs K Kent

Headteacher & DSL: Mrs R Kilmister

Assistant Headteacher & DDSL: Mrs S Banks

Assistant Headteacher: Mr J Purshouse

SENDCo: Miss E Robbins


Early Years Foundation Stage Team

Mrs J Gilbey - Nursery Class Teacher

Mrs C Parsonage - Nursery Class Teacher

Mrs L Benbow - Reception class teacher/EYFS lead practitioner

Miss A Morris - Reception class teacher

Mrs D Jones - Early Years Teaching Assistant

Mr N Leigh - Early Years Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Stevenson - Early Years Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Hipgrave - Early Years Teaching Assistant

Miss S Vernon - Early Years Teaching Assistant

Miss P Barratt - Apprentice Teaching Assistant


Key Stage 1 Team

Miss N Beasley - 1 Holly Class Teacher

Miss K Grayson - Schools Direct Teacher - 1 Holly

Mrs C Hunt - 1 Holly Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Ash - 1 Holly Teaching Assistant

Miss E Rogers - 1/2 Ash Class Teacher

Mrs S Bowen - 1/2 Ash Teaching Assistant

Miss I Tse - 2 Rowan Class Teacher

Mrs F Derrick - 2 Rowan Teaching Assistant


Key Stage 2 Team

Mrs R Singh - 3 Apple Class Teacher

Miss R Sinclair - 3 Apple Teaching Assistant

Miss L O’Rourke - 3/4 Elm Class Teacher

Mrs C Mumberson - 3/4 Elm Teaching Assistant

Miss E Robbins - 4 Maple Class Teacher

Mrs D Hurdiss - 4 Maple Teaching Assistant

Miss L Breen - 4 Maple Teaching Assistant

Miss E Birch - 5 Beech Class Teacher

Miss E Doughty - 5 Beech Teaching Assistant

Miss E Hawkins - 5 Hazel Class Teacher

Mrs P Dutton - 5 Hazel Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Banks - 6 Oak Class Teacher

Miss L Blundell - 6 Oak Teaching Assistant

Miss L Hayles - 6 Elder Class Teacher

Mrs P Kundi - 6 Elder Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Hartley - 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Mr A Whitehouse - PE Specialist

Mrs J Atkinson - PE Specialist

School Administrator 

Mrs L Wood 

Clerical Support

Mrs L Vernon

Kitchen Staff

Miss S Cooper, Mrs. S. Kumar, Mrs. M. Parmar

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs L Hipgrave, Miss S Vernon, Mrs S Terry, Miss A Allen, Mrs F Derrick, Mrs S Bowen, Mrs D Hurdiss, Mrs L Cook


Site Manager – Mr J Gregory


Cleaning Staff

Mrs. S Terry, Miss J Stanley, Mr. K Lal, Mrs J Patel, Mrs J Gallagher