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Worship Council

What is Worship Council?

Worship Council is led by Mrs Gilbey and is a group of children from Years 2 - 6. We meet weekly and share our religious views with one another in a supportive, caring and inclusive environment. Whilst sharing our views, we respect each other's Religious beliefs and opinions. 


What do we do?

We work together to help promote our core Christian Values, with the aim of making a difference both to the school and the Wider Community. 

Throughout the past 2 years we have helped to run the following events: 

  • Refugee Day 

  • Diwali experience day 

  • Easter competitions 

We have also supported with the Harvest, Christmas and Easter Service's at Church and we also worked with the Church to lead and present the final station at the Pentecost Experience, relating to the Wider Christian Church. 


How do we make a difference?


Our biggest achievement so far was our Refugee Day. We planned a fundraising day to help support refugees within our local area. We raised over £400 and collected 'essential items' which will make a big difference to a refugee family. 


We also help to educate our friends on these 'big issues' through class and whole school Worship. 


Together we help everyone and follow our school motto; 


'All God's children learning and achieving together in faith with compassion'


If you would like to find out more then speak to your class representative or pop in to one of our meetings.

Thanks! Amira and Reuben, Year 6 Worship Councillors 

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