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Young Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Opportunities


Pupil voice and action are an extremely important part of our school. The children are our school and it is important that they are actively involved in its running and evolvement. We have a number of pupil leadership groups which actively influence school initiatives. Pupils apply for these roles and are either recruited or elected in to their positions.

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School Council


Pupils from years 3 to 6 are elected into the school council and serve their classes for one year. They run multiple initiatives and have recently successfully canvassed for a book vending machine in school. They seek the views of their peers and feedback to staff. They helped create our Remembrance Garden and have organised charity events and school competitions

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Sports Crew


Sports Crew are made up from a range of sports enthusiasts across the school. Completing surveys within class, they help decide upon our termly spots clubs and competition. They have organised and ran events such as Football Week and Sports Day and are currently working on a joint initiative with eco-council on encouraging healthy ways o getting to school. They were incredibly lucky to carry the Commonwealth Baton on a stetch of the route to the opening of the Commonwealth Games.

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Worship Council


Worship Council are elected by their peers and take a considerable role in developing the spiritual and religious aspect of our school. They chose our Christian Values, help run events such as The Easter Experience and organise courageous advocacy events such as or Refugee Awareness Day. They also love organising a competition!

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Eco-council are our young environmentalists who want to ensure we all know how to make a difference in helping to protect our planet. They have written to parents and our catering team to introduce “Reduce Meat Tuesdays” and are organising a whole school art week, entitled Earth Aware. They are excited to be working with our Sports Crew to encourage children to walk or cycle to school.

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Reading Ambassadors


Our extensive body of reading ambassadors work during their lunch breaks to help develop a love of reading in our younger pupils. They read one to one with pupils and tell whole class stories. Our younger pupils adore this and we are so proud of the reading role models in our school.

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Play Leaders


Our Year 5 play leaders have been trained to develop and run lunchtime activities with our children in EYFS and KS1. They are a caring buddy who make sure everyone is involved and can participate. They are a dedicated and hard-working team who think nothing of giving up their own free time to make lunch time even more enjoyable for or youngest pupils.

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