School Updates

A great big well done to Henry from 5 Beech on some truly astounding writing. He created a sense of anticipation and had us on the edge of our seats with his imagination as well as a wide range of vocabulary to really develop this writing. You are a superstar.

We absolutely love seeing, reading and watching what you are all up to so please do share what you have been up to with us.


Hi everyone,

There is a time capsule document in the classwork handout tab so you can mark this event with everyone living in your house. Add photos, artwork, post and newspapers to it in order to make this time in your life full of as much information as you can. Once you have completed it, keep it safe. That way, in years to come, you will have something else you can share about this moment in history. Your evidence could even be used in history books one day- you never know!

Enjoy doing it and well done for being brilliant as we all work together to keep ourselves and others safe.

  • Mrs Benbow

Hello everyone,

This is just a little message to say that we hope you are enjoying this wonderful sunshine with your family. We hope you are enjoying the new topic 'animals' and we can not wait to see all the exciting things that you have learnt, explored or made. Please email us with any pictures or messages that you would like us to see and read.

Stay safe and we miss you so much.

From Mrs Benbow, Miss Morris, Mrs Parsonage, Mrs Hipgrave, Mrs Jones and Mr Leigh


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