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At St Barts, it is our intent that all children will be ‘lifelong learners’ who are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to be confident and competent young people who can make safe decisions now and in the future. Our resources support our pupils in developing their knowledge, vocabulary and confidence to be able to communicate any safeguarding issues, and to develop an understanding of previous or potential life experiences. The resources are carefully mapped to ensure that our pupils build on knowledge and skills learnt before and are taught in a timely fashion set to children’s needs. The programme reflects the current environment and our schools local context and is continually updated, supporting typical gaps in our children’s knowledge in the areas of PSHE and safeguarding. Our resources are designed to be inclusive and ensure that all pupils receive high quality teaching in PSHE.


Our PSHE curriculum is built on the unique sliding door approach to decision making, which supports in depth discussions regarding key life moments, ensuring children understand key concepts and are engaged in active discussions. Our programme of study is built around the three core themes which include Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World and the ten principles of effective PSHE education. By following the 1decision programme the children build on skills previously learnt and can be timed to match their needs. This sequencing and the unique age appropriate videos mean that children commit key knowledge to their long-term memory. Our children’s self-assessment journeys mean pupils can work towards clearly defined end points. Assessment is built into our programme and can be gathered in a number of effective ways; our pupils self-assessment journeys, baseline, formative.


Our PSHE programme aims to support effective and engaging PSHE delivery and equip our children with the knowledge to make the right decisions. The well constructed and taught curriculum, offered through 1decision, shows effective results and clearly exhibits pupils learning. Disadvantaged and SEND pupils are fully supported through the 1decision programme and the materials can be used within intervention work ensuring that these groups acquire the cultural capital they need to succeed in life. The effective progression of knowledge may be viewed in the pupils’ workbooks and in discussion records. 1decision prepares pupils for all aspects of life. In particular, the resources mirror the new statutory elements and ensure that pupils are ready for the next stage of their learning. 

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