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School Updates

Poetic perfection

We wanted to share this wonderful poem created by Eden. What great work!

Poem on Medusa

I'm Medusa and I have venomous snakes for hair,

I can turn you to stone in one glare.

A beautiful woman I used to be,

But after cursed nobody could love me.

Cursed by Athena, the Goddess of wisdom and war,

A beautiful woman I was no more.

Known for my snakes and my green-tinted skin,

An ugly figure I’m now living in.

Feel hatred to me that's okay,

I’m beheaded at the end of the day.

I felt myself falling in love with the God of the Sea,

Yet he didn’t get punished for loving me.

Beheaded by Perseus for Athena's use,

Why was it up to her and not Zeus.

Or did he have something to do with it,

In a life of mystery and hate I'm living in.

Though no more I am living,

Apparently what I did was unforgiving.


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