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School Updates

We are proud of you!

Hello everyone. We hope you are having a happy and safe time at home. It has been lovely to see a few of you whilst doing my daily exercises outside and you have made me smile all day.

On Thursday, not only did I clap for the NHS workers, I also clapped for all you wonderful children. This is because I think that you are our heroes too. You have stayed indoors without seeing your friends and family. You have followed the rules and always listen to your parents.

You are truly amazing children who we miss so much. We can not wait to see you again soon and hear of all your terrific adventures and all the fun times that you have had. Until then, stay safe and stay at home. You are my heroes too.

From Mrs Benbow, Miss Morris, Mrs Parsonage, Mrs Hipgrave, Mres Jones and Mr Leigh.


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