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School Updates



I hope you have all been enjoying the glorious sunshine by playing outside with family members and pets! Who loves the Joe Wicks workouts and feels energised afterwards? Here in the Birch household, we have all done the live workouts every day (even Benjy) and are loving them! Although, our muscles do ache a bit the next day.

I hope you are all staying healthy and well. Be sure to keep washing your hands so you stay this way!

I have uploaded a few tasks for you to complete on Purple Mash so take a look and have a go at them.

Use this beautiful weather to spend time with your family in the garden, rather than gaming...We don't normally get to spend this much time with our loved ones every day so appreciate every minute!

Doing my job without you fabulous bunch in front of me doesn't feel quite right... I can't wait until we are all (hopefully) back in our classroom together learning and laughing again.

Miss you all soooo much!

Miss Birch xxx


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